About EnglishTeacherEDU.org

The staff here at EnglishTeacherEDU.org is keenly aware of the personality type drawn to a career in English education. We are English teachers ourselves, and remember the unique challenge that came with turning a love of literature into a rewarding career in public and private education.

The questions new aspiring English teachers have are likely the same ones we had when setting out on a path that would take us through a graduate-level education, a teacher preparation program, and a rigorous assessment process before finally qualifying for teacher certification. At the end of this path we found a career that has allowed us to impart a reverence for literature and the writing process to the students we teach.

EnglishTeacherEDU.org was created to shed light on this path and offer direction. The heart and soul of this resource are the state guides detailing the education options, teacher preparation program requirements, and examination process involved in qualifying to become an English teacher. We have worked tirelessly with state boards of education to develop a resource that is as reliable as it is easy to understand.

Here you’ll find everything from the latest salary information and job growth projections for each state, to board-approved teacher preparation programs and continuing education requirements for maintaining certification. We encourage the aspiring English teachers that find their way to EnglishTeacherEDU.org to use this free resource as a personal guide on the path to a career in English education.